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At Stephen Merritt, CPA, PC we are both proud and humbled by the kind words that our customers send our way. Here are just a few we collected to share with you.

“Steve Merritt & Associates have provided all my accounting and investment advisory services/requirements for over 16 years.  This has included Laundry Mats (S Corp), Mini-marts (S Corp), Commercial Real Estate (LLC), Tree Farms, Chemical Company (C Corp), Church financial Audits and all my families personal tax returns.  During this time, I have been audited by the dreaded IRS 3 times and not a single error was found.

Steve, Barbara and all their outstanding employees/associates provide a service that is second to none.

You receive a friendly greeting each and every time you call or visit their office.  Respectful and patient, when they aren’t sure of an answer to a question one might have, they tell you and then call you with the answer after they have conducted detailed research.

I have the utmost respect for their opinions and have even recommended that my Mother-in-law use their services.”

Don Tillman
President, Plybond Chemicals

“I, as an individual, and as the managing partner for approximately 28 partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, have been utilizing Steve Merritt in his present capacity as owner of his own company, or as a partner in his prior company, for approximately the past 30 years. I and my partners, many of whom individually have engaged Steve Merritt for almost as many years as a personal accountant, have found Steve and his staff to be outstanding in every respect. Tax returns, financial statements and special projects are completed on-time, within budget, and in a completely satisfactory manner. As the managing partner and/or owner of the real estate organizations, we have to make numerous reports to commercial banks, HUD, VHDA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac at different times of the year. We completely rely on Steve and his staff to comply with the requirements of reporting to these agencies, as well as to make any replies and/or investigations as a result of inquiries by the agencies.

Also, my complete family, including my adult children, have utilized Steve as their personal accountant as well. We find his staff to be outstanding in completing tax returns with accuracy and completeness, such that there has never been an audit since Steve took over accounting work for all these partnerships and us as individuals. For any business desiring an accounting firm where the work can be done at a reasonable price and, done well, I highly recommend Stephen Merritt CPA, PC.”

Bernie J. Grablowsky, Ph.D., PCAM
President, United Property Associates
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High quality,professional, precise, thoughtful and responsive services have characterized the twelve year relationship that the William A. Hunton YMCA has enjoyed with the Stephen A. Merritt CPA firm. An integral part of our organizational success is directly related to the professional and friendly services that we receive  directly from Mr. Merritt and his staff.

We look forward to our continuing relationships in the future.”

V. Wayne Orton
CEO, William A. Hunton YMCA

“Relationships are built on trust, understanding and mutual respect.

Stephen Merritt’s CPA firm has been representing my insurance agency for over 12 years. After my former CPA retired, I searched for a new CPA. A friend referred us to Steve’s office.

Immediately, I felt at home. We operate a large nationally branded insurance agency; where my wife and I work together everyday. Having Steve and Barbara working together to help us with our accounting needs just makes sense.

No matter when we call – the Merritt’s are there to assist us and answer our questions. Their staff is friendly and attentive – the office is modern and professional.

Needless to say everyone has to pay taxes – I think it is important to work with a CPA firm that you can trust, understand and one that shows respect for your individualized needs and concerns.

I enjoy working with both Steve and Barbara. I can honestly say I enjoy meeting with them throughout the year. I never leave their office without a good sense of accomplishment – plus – they are fun people!!

They truly have the best CPA firm on the planet!”

Frank Ciambrone
President, Ciambrone Insurance Management Corporation